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How Uber pitched itself: four takeaways from the first deck

Yesterday, Garrett Camp shared Uber's first pitch deck. It is a great retrospective and absolutely worth a full scroll through. I found it especially insightful as an investor who was still in high school when the company was founded. Here are some of my takeaways:

1) Uber was very early to the market. As someone who barely remembers a world without GPS-enabled smartphones, it is easy to forget that Uber emerged in a time when the iPhone had just launched and was not yet the market share leader. There are some great charts in the deck on the state of the smartphone market at the time that seem almost comical with the benefit of hindsight:

2) The business evolved *alot* over time. In its first iteration, Uber saw itself as a competitor to traditional car service companies, and even deigned to call itself "the Netjets of Limos." What the deck really nailed was the core insight that "geo-aware devices" could be combined with "digital hail" to disrupt the taxi/limo industry- the final evolution of the business model came over time, culminating in the launches of UberX and UberPool.

3) The "best case scenario" was an underestimate of the eventual reality.

4) Early expansion plans conspicuously omitted Boston. Thankfully Uber eventually learned Boston existed to save us from the Green Line.

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