The 2017 Series A landscape in three charts (and a word cloud!)

August 3, 2017

I used Crunchbase to pull a dataset of all the Series A venture deals so far in 2017. After filtering those with incomplete data as well as screening out some sectors that are meaningfully distinct from tech (energy, biotech, etc),  I was left with 364 discrete investments. Here's what I learned, in three charts and a word cloud.


Chart 1: Deals by Geography Silicon Valley is still dominant, but the rest of country is still very meaningful in aggregate. Also NYC continues its run and has had more series As than LA, Boston and Seattle combined, a big change from the historical status quo. 

Chart 2: Deals by Size $5-10m remains the Series A sweet spot, but both larger and smaller deals remain well represented with about a fourth of total deals falling into each of those buckets.



Chart 3:Median Deal Size by Geography Deal sizes are smaller outside of key focus areas, as expected. The median Series A deal in Silicon Valley is over 50% larger ($8.6m v. $5.6m) than in my catch-all bucket for places outside of the core geographies listed here. 


Word Cloud: For fun, here's a word cloud using the Crunchbase descriptions of all 364 companies. No real surprises here- everyone wants to be a platform!

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