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A bit about me:

I'm a partner at Avenir focused on investing in software companies. I've wanted to be an investor since I was 12 years old and wake up excited to learn more and apply it every day. Outside of investing, I love heretical ideas, sunken treasure, strategy games, rare steaks, visualizing data, fierce debates, scatterplots and the occasional camping trip in Northwestern Nevada. I’m currently learning Mandarin and I run a small pickup soccer league in lower Manhattan (message me if you if you'd like to play!).

More about me:

I’m from a small town in Northern Maine where my family has owned and operated a general store since 1914. Growing up, I worked with my father and grandfather doing whatever needed to be done: repairing the roof, cashiering, stocking shelves and (my favorite) demolishing anything that needed to be knocked down.

When I was twelve, my father handed me the keys to my college fund and I started investing in stocks. My first three were a biotech company, an oil driller and a shipwreck hunting company. By my sophomore year, I was running a two-hundred person message board on Yahoo! Finance to discuss the treasure hunting outfit’s travails as a public company. I didn’t make much money in the end (see: Black Swan Treasure), but I did become addicted to studying businesses and trying to get to the cutting edge of them.

At Harvard, I found my way onto the board of the investment club, spent an inordinate amount of time on stock pitch competitions and thriving off of the raw intellectual debates that investments represent. I majored in economics but I thrived on different perspectives, taking classes in philosophy, gender studies and sociology. Especially, I loved arguing late into the night with archaeology students about the ethics of selling sunken treasure.

After graduating, I’ve been fortunate to have a wide variety of investing roles as my own personal style came together. At Putnam, I fell in love with software companies and learned to think like a scaled, long-term investor. At Matrix, I learned the ins and outs of early stage venture- from sourcing deals to partnering with founders. At Coatue, I applied my longstanding interest in datascience to investing at scale and was pushed harder than ever before. At Steadview, I learned about the business side of investing while honing my own strategies and helping to incubate a startup literally from the ground up.

The culmination of all of those experiences is my current role at Avenir, where I focus on software investing. I love building a holistic view of the software landscape, powered by both experience and data, doing deep fundamental research on areas of change and debate and then investing in the companies that most deserve incremental capital given the outcomes of that research. I am beyond fortunate to be doing work I love with people I admire everything day.

The core of this site is a collection of my writing/work since 2016 when I started at Matrix and David Skok encouraged me to blog. I’m still working out the steady-state for it, but it aims to be focused and useful. If you disagree with anything you read here, I’d love to hear from you. If you agree so much you want to chat or partner up on something- I want to hear from you too!

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